We’ve been so busy helping clients with their Data Protection and Information Security needs that we’ve only just got around to getting our own website up and running; but that doesn’t mean we don’t have loads to tell you about, share with you, and give to you.  Or that we’ve not been talking about Data Protection for more than a decade!  In fact, our founder Craig Parsons first talked about GDPR back in 2014 (before it was even finalised) on his personal blog.

Word Of Mouth?

One of the reasons we’ve been so busy for the past year is that nearly every wise business owner wants to talk about GDPR, how it affects them, and what they should be doing.  When business owners talk to the people they trust, they share good experiences and recommendations – it’s human nature.  People like to pass on the names of people and companies who’ve done a good job, helped them and been trustworthy.

One of the reasons that our new website took so long was that when a lot of those chattering business owners talked about GDPR they also talked about Persolvo.  This took our eye off the new-website because helping people is much more enjoyable than dealing with HTML!

Over the past year alone we’ve helped hundreds of small and medium sized companies get ready for GDPR, we’ve spoken at 25+ business networking events, trained hundreds of employees and even given presentations to national regulatory bodies and their members – all on the importance of good data governance.

We’re looking forward to sharing some testimonials and our experiences on our new website.